Working wife smells like sex

The odor folks [describe] is from bacterial vaginosis, which is really an imbalance of good guy and bad guy bacteria the bad guys are the anaerobic bacteria which tend to be overgrowing, and anaerobes classically produce a foul or rotting type odor. I wish you the best. Eating alkaline-rich foods like lemons of leafy greens helps detox your system as well keeping your scent sweet Image: He, however, noted that the smell tends to disappear when the persons involved in the act, especially the woman, clean up or have a shower. You know, genitals smell like genitals smell like genitals. Do not encourage this and in fact, you should actively discourage this or you may both end up with a worse problem than odour. The problem is that with continued use, they make the vaginal area quite sensitive. A bit musty, sometimes a bit acidic or salty. On how to care for the genitals and avoid infections after sex, the medical expert advised that the first thing men should do after sex is to urinate and then take their bath.

Working wife smells like sex

So, if you're having concerns that your wife isn't being faithful, she's the person to ask about it, not me or anyone else. He explained that even though the vagina has a mechanism that clears itself of infections, women who are not hygienic tend to smell in that region. Banji had just rearranged the house and laid quietly on the bed when his father came in. She may well be upset, defensive, angry or embarrassed if you raise this issue. Please note that women who have been pregnant have endured a hormonal surge which can take weeks or months to stabilise after the birth of the child. If it becomes itchy you also need to go to the doctor. TopShop Speaking to Yourtango she said: No matter how bad you feel, she probably feels worse. One of the most notorious culprits of this is bacterial vaginosis BV. But she may be reassured that you enjoy how she looks, tastes and smells. Is she a new partner? Or if you prefer unwashed genitals for sex and she usually washes to reassure her she doesn't have to bathe before sex, as you like as she is. Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It's not something you really sit around talking about, but the smell of your vagina actually tells you a lot about your health. Your wife could have an active infection. Because itching is one of the symptoms of skin sensitivity, it means that skin tears are common and with skin tears come the increased accessibility for bacteria-containing matter to enter her body. Image Source Foods that could be causing you harm include animal proteins, sugar, dairy and sadly, coffee. It's also important to remember that your vagina is self cleaning so naturally produces discharge to eject germs. Follow her on Twitter drpetra. Some doctors believe the body should manage these imbalances on their own while others will prescribe an antibiotic. In such cases it would be sensible for you both to have a check up. As mentioned washing before sex can reduce natural body odours, as may more regular bathing. Now upon my arrival, of course I would make love to my wife. Email your sex and relationships queries in confidence to: What is bothersome to you about how she smells? D, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale University School of Medicine, says it's hard to describe what your vagina should smell like, but very easy to know when something is wrong. He stressed that if the smell is unpleasant, there is need for both the man and the woman to see the doctor to check for infections or bacterial imbalance. Please note that by submitting your question to Petra, you are giving your permission for her to use your question as the basis of her column, published online at Wonder Women.

Working wife smells like sex

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The Smell of Sex

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