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When asked to pull ads from Saturday Night Live because it was deemed "immoral," Purina succumbed to the demand. For the 14th year, the issue was on the table for the shareholders' meeting this past spring, and for the 14th year, Exxon wouldn't budge. Granted, it's not a large amount, but to support someone who is so adamantly anti-gay rights on every level does say a lot about the man behind the brand. They may offer coverage to same-sex marriages, but don't be fooled; it's likely all in the name of business like Wal-Mart. To not adhere to either one, means there is no place for you in the organization. The United States Department of Labor may have ruled that all businesses in every state must provide benefit coverage for same-sex marriages, but that doesn't mean it's going to put an end to homophobia. Now expanded from 20 to 48 pages to include even more of the music's superstars, this collection is a witty hall of fame of gangsta rap.

Urban outfitters guide to sex book

An earlier version of this story included Domino's Pizza in the list of anti-gay companies. We give God thanks for that In , they even permitted a transgender Colorado girl to join, explaining, "If a child identifies as a girl and the child's family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout. Then hit up the American Red Cross and give them some blood or your coins. How do you respond to that, as part of your doctrine? The Salvation Army If those ringing bells every holiday season weren't enough to make you not want to donate, this will. However, Barilla isn't the first company to express homophobic sentiments, and sadly, they probably won't be the last either. Los Angeles by Rob Campbell St. The subtitle says it all? Boy Scouts of America Perhaps, the Boy Scouts of America don't fall under the guise of a company per se, but as an organization that relies on donations, it's good to know where your money is going should you choose to hand it over to these folks. Ryan questioned Craibe about Salvation Story: Here are 8 companies that prove this to be true. Purina If you don't want your dollars to go to a company that isn't exactly gay-friendly, then put down the Beggin' Strips and Fancy Feast. Since then the company remains about in the same standing with a Chick-fil-A opening somewhere for every one that closes. The Rock Snob's Dictionary: Currently, the company doesn't provide a policy that protects gender identity or expression, nor does it offer health care coverage for partners of their gay employees. Exxon, it doesn't matter if you extended benefits to same-sex couples as of October 1. For the 14th year, the issue was on the table for the shareholders' meeting this past spring, and for the 14th year, Exxon wouldn't budge. Sales of this bestseller refuse to die. In , 11 employees were fired for not displaying "normal heterosexual values," as was prescribed by an intra-company memo. Salvationist Handbook of Doctrine, the manual used to train Salvation Army "soldiers" and members. You'd think as a charitable organization The Salvation Army would be all about charity. Cracker Barrel It's almost a laughable stereotype that Cracker Barrel would be racist and anti-gay because of its southern roots, but of course, there's nothing funny about a company that doesn't treat its employees equally. And although before Mobil was acquired by Exxon, they had policies to protect discrimination against gay men and lesbians, and even offered benefits to same-sex couples, Exxon took that all away once it had Mobil in its clutches in Comments are a mix of unbiased publisher copy and our observations.

Urban outfitters guide to sex book

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