The bullet sex

I bet Captain Kirk had a whole shelf of these. Why not try to work your way through every variation? If not, hog both for internal vibes AND clit vibes or maybe even anal — woo! Lie back and enjoy the light show. The Couples Silicone Stimulator is a corded bullet vibrator with not only a silicone pleasure nub cover for her, but a penis sleeve cover for him too. Choose your favourite or let your partner surprise you. The bullet is slick and smooth whilst the sleeve has a firm bulbous head and raised nub shaft. It beats watching your Friends box set for the 50th time. The Basix Jelly Egg Vibrator is well suited to someone wanting a fairly tame and non-scary sex toy.

The bullet sex

Vibe Queens will be queuing up for this as it only needs 2 x AA batteries. Or you could just spend some time gazing at the sublime design. There are no leads to get tangled up in as the Aim To Please takes only one small battery for power. This wired bullet is easy to use and variable enough for near endless application. The Sterling bullet vibrator is made for grown-ups, especially if you have a yacht and Aston or would buy them if you won the lottery. The shape makes it versatile to suit various needs. Though small, it is indeed mighty. Great idea, well done Lelo. Silky smooth texture, it features 10 different power settings ranging from a gentle massage to feeling like your Chakras are aligning all the way to the moon. This is one powerful toy! The controller looks like a nose hair trimmer, but the bullet accessories? It features 8 speeds of vibration and pulsation. Its odd shape is designed to mould to you, giving you the most intimate contact and best possible pleasure. It has the best of both sensations in a sophisticated package. It sounds so bland when you write it down, but in reality this holy trinity may prevent you from leaving your bedroom for hours on end. They are out of this world. Put it on your Christmas list not the one you send to your granny. It will not take long for the unrelenting power of this little pocket rocket to send you over the edge. Whether you want a cheap basic bullet or want to be more adventurous and splash out on some of the most up-to-date and orgasm inducing vibrators out there, there is a mini toy for everyone. You will find hundreds of designs and styles as some of the top sex toy makers are ever innovative in their creations, from glow in the dark, to animal shaped and everything in between, they leave no stone unturned. Well these little guys are the mini toys of the sex toy world, and a must have for any collection. If you like public orgasms and teasing with a partner then look no further. It beats watching your Friends box set for the 50th time. If you are nervous, slip it in a condom. There are no clashing neon colours or odd looking attachments.

The bullet sex

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A Little Sex Toy Everyone Should Have (review)

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  1. With this mini wonder you can stay right where you are, all nice and toasty with your heated mini bullet friend. It works a bit like a biro — you press the tip and then play.

  2. It looks like an expensive lipstick, so beware if you have friends who like to share. Its odd shape is designed to mould to you, giving you the most intimate contact and best possible pleasure.

  3. The angled tip is easily moved to hit the spot with concentrated sensations, or if you are in no hurry use the smooth sides instead. The purple nubbed sleeve is removable, so you can use the traditional smooth bullet if you prefer, or even slip the purple sleeve over another sex toy.

  4. If you are nervous, slip it in a condom. You can keep it simple or add a realistic penis sleeve, or if you prefer add the silicone tongue for external stimulation.

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