The beach sex scene

Ordinary holidaymakers shrink into the background as the warring gangs turn the beach into a combat zone. PH 5 Death in Venice Video clip On the Lido in Venice, a homosexual German composer loosely based on Gustav Mahler is entranced by a beautiful boy he spies on the beach across from the Hotel des Bains and is sufficiently transfixed by him to extend his stay and fall prey to an encroaching cholera epidemic. DG 28 Climates The Turkish summer beach here - hot and dazzling and blissfully deserted - is shot and edited with intense, hallucinatory sharpness on high-definition video, and is the setting for the morose, unfaithful, existentially floundering hero played by the director, Nuri Bilge Ceylan to break up with his beautiful young girlfriend Ceylan's wife. It's not so much a scene as a moment, a piece of history. It was filmed at West Sands, St Andrews, and it's attractive enough, though it looks a chilly, no-nonsense sort of place.

The beach sex scene

When she spurs a beached whale back to sea with her heels, in the film's most epic sequence, her status as the tribe's new leader is assured. The waves are as wild and unfettered as Ada's playing. But that entrance was hard for any of her successors to top. DG 4 Mr Hulot's Holiday Video clip Accident-prone and charming as he wanders around the beach huts with his pipe, Jacques Tati manages to clear the entire seashore of Saint-Marc-sur-Mer in the Loire-Atlantique when his boat breaks in two and washes ashore snapping menacingly - a forerunner to Jaws? Is that a deflated lilo? They end on a grey, polluted, atmospheric beach - by a colliery at Blackhall Rocks, Co Durham - and as the North Sea batters the shore, one of them ends up in the coal skips being dumped into the briny. Idyllic, despite Atkins's comic appearance: After dark, Marlowe, distracted by Eileen's beauty, doesn't see Roger wading suicidally out into the Pacific surf till too late. Spielberg thrust us up to our necks in Omaha Beach for the visceral first half-hour of his Second World War epic, but it's Sam Fuller's earlier, neglected contribution to the genre that conveys the exhaustion of a protracted campaign. Sunblock won't stop you getting burnt in this emotional furnace. Enough time for one more story. TR 12 Local Hero An American oil giant wants to build a refinery on a remote Scottish shore, but it's been in old-timer Ben's family for years - and he's not selling. ML 22 Pauline at the Beach Delightful Eric Rohmer comedy set on the Normandy coast one summer when teenager Pauline is brought by her older cousin Marion to have a nice time. Our critics get out their buckets and spades and dig out their favourites In pictures: A dreamy Hollywood beach but best to stick to daytime swimming. SC 37A Star is Born Crashing waves punctuate the second and best telling of this old story wherein a successful movie star James Mason helps an aspiring starlet Judy Garland find fame as his own career flounders. This is a shore where froth meets surf. Lots of smouldering, and Bamburgh Sands' finest screen moment. No film has ever made sand so scary or so sexy. TR 3 The Piano Video clip The film poster - a bonneted, crinolined woman standing beside a piano on a beach - captures the strange, erotic charge of Jane Campion's drama about a mute pianist Holly Hunter shipped off to New Zealand in the 19th century, where she is married to Sam Neill, whose starchy manner forces her to seek passionate solace in music and an affair with Harvey Keitel. SS 38 Splash After falling drunkenly out of a boat on an ill-advised trip to Cape Cod, Tom Hanks is found spreadeagled on a glorious stretch of sand, fully clothed and shouting "Ouch". The perfect place to lie back and contemplate a happy-ever-after future. Just watch Leo's giddy, disbelieving joy when he first sees the beach. One more story before twelve. No sand, no prom, no pier, no ice cream, no kiss-me-quick hats? Later, he recalls going with schoolmates to visit Saraghina on a beach - a scary nymphomaniac giantess with a screw loose whose lubricious dancing sends the youngsters into paroxysms.

The beach sex scene

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Richard and Francoise - Love scene (The Beach)

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  1. En route, he and his three larky London Transport buddies chirrup merrily, pick up some girls in France, find a stowaway on board, and wind up lost in Yugoslavia before finally getting to dip a toe in the shimmering Med. But that entrance was hard for any of her successors to top.

  2. PH 27 Summer Holiday At the wheel of a red double-decker, Cliff Richard exports his fresh-faced, boyish charm all the way to Greece.

  3. TR 41 Miami Vice It's a trait of Mann's heroes - in Manhunter , Heat and The Insider - that they live in ludicrously desirable minimalist mansions right on the sea, an ever-present metaphor for careers on the edge. But that entrance was hard for any of her successors to top.

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