The 2 girls teach sex

At one point Tori says "some relationships last a long time simply based on multiple orgasms. For reference that's a respectable low return rate, so obviously most customers are happy with their purchase. Maybe I should repeat that: Remember though that they are only demos. I'll go further to say the less experience you have, the better this program will be for you vs. Every man has some of these doubts, and many are basically clueless about the whole thing and will learn lots here. It's very instructional given that it is visual and you are walked through each part of the position and they also discuss when during sex making it is most appropriate given that some positions are less practical for long durations. Squirting can be achieved with virtually all women based on my experience, but it DOES require specific techniques, and sometimes 'awakening her squirting ability' which takes a bit longer.

The 2 girls teach sex

An very important point. This is explained in the DVD also at various points, but we thought we would mention it here as well. So be truthful with yourself - if you don't have a lot of experience or really don't feel comfortable with sex try this product out before one of the more advanced programs e. A shift in the missionary position that gets you inside almost two inches more, a significant difference. Very sound moves but remember over time to do your own thing and be spontaneous. The best is " Squirting Orgasm Mastery ", also by 2 Girls Teach Sex, and led by Marcus London - a porn star who made a name for himself giving women squirting orgasms. A lot of what they say is true - it is out of most men's comfort zones to think that sex is so important for girls, but it can be. However… keep in mind that these girls are porn stars and from a very specific biased demographic with respect to attitudes towards sex. This DVD is the least useful in the package. No matter your sexual experience, Bobby's attention to the details will ensure you understand and can implement this material. Boy, was I wrong. A Word on the Porn Star Demographic Some of the girl porn stars give you advice on what girls like, how important sex is to women etc. It takes awhile getting used to your own body, and her body, in order to really have some great sex. On DVD 4 you get introduced in a seminar with Bobby Bradshaw and Jessica into psychological techniques and you are explained the concept that good sex is 'psychological', especially for women. September 01, The Good Good step by step demonstrations of effective sexual positions, a lot of practical advice that is simple enough for anyone to understand and use, easy to learn from 'edutainment' factor. This has improved the program considerably, however one side effect is that the ordering of the DVDs could be a little confusing for some people. A guarantee for how to give her an orgasm from penetration. They will be useful for the beginner but they are also mechanical because it's a teaching segment - "do this, then transition to that, then move your hand to position x, etc". But, you know, hopefully not in real life. If you find it a little confusing when you get started, try watching it in this order, that way you'll learn each part before it is mentioned: You can then graduate to a more advanced course such as Female Orgasm Blueprint or Revolutionary Sex later after getting some practice under your belt. Squirting can be achieved with virtually all women based on my experience, but it DOES require specific techniques, and sometimes 'awakening her squirting ability' which takes a bit longer. Shawna Lenee appears in three of the DVDs. Instructions are given step by step with Bobby Bradshaw talking through what the girls are doing and the benefits. An Easy to Watch Course 2GTS have taken advantage of the use of porn stars to make their course more entertaining and easily watchable. Unlike Tori Black she seems to lack a good understanding of other women to be able to overcome this fact in her training.

The 2 girls teach sex

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How To Make A Girl Squirt - The G-Spot Orgasm Explained

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  1. The Bottom Line We recommend this program for beginners and guys with less experience because you get to see the demonstrations and the information is kept simple, but effective. How to spot her from faking orgasms, which helps give her REAL ones.

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