Support for spouses of sex addicts

In fact many believe that being in a stable relationship will 'cure' them - it doesn't, any more than it would cure any other addiction. Remembering Our Own Worth If I could choose one word to describe that initial year of recovery it would be overwhelming. I learned that there was the possibility we had both been exposed to HIV because of his acting out in high-risk populations. Alex is the recipient of the Carnes Award, a prestigious acknowledgement for her contributions to the field of sex addiction. Retrieved on September 1, , from https: The Sisterhood Of Support Community offers various groups with open forums where women can come and access resources and share their life experiences.

Support for spouses of sex addicts

You are NOT alone and the women I have spoken to want you to know that! The third stage is shock. It truly encompassed everything I feel as I say goodbye to , looking towards a better The opinions and views of our guest contributors are shared to provide a broad perspective of addictions. Porn induced erectile dysfunction PIED is dramatically on the increase as more and more men find that they are no longer able to perform in a normal, relational sexual setting, having wired their brains to respond only to certain types of images. For almost a decade and a half the Married to a Sex Addict and The Sisterhood Of Support websites have been providing online Partner support; making STD testing for Partners the first priority, developing resources, exploring new treatment options and more, without funding or influence from religious groups or the sex addiction treatment industry. We have always been here for Partners. Shock is characterized by periods of numbness and avoidance, and periods of conflict. There was so much work to do. The fourth stage is grief and ambivalence. Retrieved on September 1, , from https: It became clear he was also suffering from Cluster B Personality Disorders. I personally interact with hundreds of women on a regular basis who have lived, and are living, through the shattering discovery that their partners and husbands have a secret sexual life. There were so many wounds to heal. And because it's not your fault, you have nothing to be ashamed of! But there are things you can do to make this road easier for yourself and they are detailed below. Most addicts would stop if they could. You are not desirable or valuable You are not wanted You are a failure as a wife You are not cherished You are not loved. The last stage is growth. Now I am divorced. Frequently engaging in those behaviors to a greater extent, or over a longer period of time than intended. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. His sexual acting out had included affairs with three women I called friends. Nearly four years of hell. It is more common than we think and more prevalent than we know.

Support for spouses of sex addicts

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Sexual Addiction: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

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  1. Recurrent failure to resist sexual impulses in order to engage in compulsive sexual behaviors. One thing I know for sure is that women working through this do better when they have support.

  2. Below is a summary of the major points they wanted you to know. The use of certain antidepressants SSRIs has proved to be very effective in treating the impulse control problems of many sexual compulsives.

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