Super glue sex

If you are having a friend over you could glue his finger tips to cock. You can glue the underside of your sub's cock to his balls so as his erection grows it pulls on them. If you've never played with super glue before I suggest you test it out first. When I get a new glue remover I will sometimes glue my thumb and forefinger together to test it out. It does take some time to remove the glue, so it's a good idea to understand the process before trying it on someone else. You can humiliate your sub using super glue as well. Not something with an additive, like Gorilla Super Glue which adds rubber.

Super glue sex

I would have been able to unglue both of them right then and there. Remember the hat example? You can hook up stim pads if you have a remote estim device, or with a little work you can fit an egg vibrator in with the condom. As you can see, super glue opens up some new possibilities. Most people and web sites say when removing super glue, to start with soap and water, which is great advice, unless the super glue hasn't set yet, in which case water will make it harden; straight acetone will work better in that case. Bring some bandage shears to free him should he need to get out of the condom immediately. I've got a couple more tips before I get to some fun examples. For example it makes some forms of CBT easier as his cock doesn't swing out of the way when you whip it and it can't shield his balls if those are your target. There are actually many ways to break down super glue. People often think super glue is near permanent, but isn't not as super as some think. Try not to drop any on your clothes, carpet, sheets, or other fabric, as it's hard to get it clean once it sets. When he gets fully erect his cock will push into the pointy screws. If you want to make sure you don't get super glue on a particular area, cover it in Vaseline. If you just want to skip ahead to the fun stuff , then go ahead. I prefer to work naked with an old towel under my sub to catch any stray drops. It's also a good idea to shave any area you plan on applying glue to, as hair will not only make your glue less effective, it can pull on the hair painfully. Let's say you want to glue a tiny cowboy hat onto your thumb, just put glue around the ring of the hat. Super glue will suck the moisture out of the skin it touches, so I always suggest putting lotion on the area afterwards. Once free, I suggest you wash the area with soap and water, and apply lotion as both super glue and acetone dry the skin. Super glue is one of those things that's fun to play with on a rare occasion, but first I want to go over some precautions and warnings. I suppose some might be able to reach orgasm, but most won't be able to due to the lack of friction in sensitive areas. You can humiliate your sub using super glue as well. Of course a lot of project don't need to be removed. And always work with super glue in a well-ventilated area. Super glue is often overlooked as a tool for kinky fun, probably because of all the horror stories involving super glue.

Super glue sex

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  1. You can glue the underside of your sub's cock to his balls so as his erection grows it pulls on them.

  2. I suggest working with the cock in a semi erect or fully erect state. While it makes peeing difficult, it's fun for short term play.

  3. As you can see, super glue opens up some new possibilities. If it's in an area that's not obviously visible then don't worry so much about getting every last bit off the skin, it will work itself off in a couple days and is probably easier on the skin that way.

  4. Both of those guys end up in the emergency room for treatment, but only due to the lack of proper knowledge and tools. There are other more harsh chemicals for removing super glue, but they work faster.

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