Subliminal sex sounds

Playing with or touching their hair or ears more than usual. If you are sitting near the source of the sound, it is very likely that the arousal will be associated with you. Just keep in mind, under NO circumstances is it ever alright to force yourself on someone else! Rapid Arousal Response triggers only. That said, by using these CDs, you agree that you are solely responsible for the manner in which you use these programs and all resulting circumstances. Persons suffering from a great deal of religious shame, fear or guilt concerning sexual responses may respond astoundingly well because of repressed sexual desires , but are generally not good subjects because they may be prone to regret and polar responses later on. Anyone making direct and extended eye contact [staring at you] is probably very interested!

Subliminal sex sounds

If you are sitting near the source of the sound, it is very likely that the arousal will be associated with you. Pounding or rapid heartbeat. Some people will show only one or two of these signs; most will display several of them, and a few will show none of them. In rare cases, they may require several exposures before they respond. Transcends all language barriers. Hold direct eye contact for just slightly too long for best effect. Standard CD players and speakers are able to reproduce sounds up to 20 kHz, but some can only reproduce sounds up to 10 KHz in pitch. Of course you should not make it so aggressive or invasive that they become uncomfortable. If they have never responded to you in a sexual manner before, having their attention on you while they are becoming aroused will greatly help them make the connection that their arousal is coming from being with you. Talk to her, make her comfortable with you. No long term effects. The expectation that they are aroused by you, literally causes them to become more aroused when they know you are present! While these programs are perfectly legal to use in the United States when used with knowledge and consent of the listeners, it is your responsibility to know and abide by all applicable laws pertaining to the use of this CD on persons who are unaware of its use on them, and in your specific locale. Biting the lower lip. Caressing, holding hands, stroking their skin, smelling their neck and kissing are all good ways of touching them. Can cause hyper sexuality or nymphomania if used long term. If they are sitting fairly still, and you observe them moving slightly with each heartbeat, their heart is really pounding! Increased lubrication of the female sex organs, or erection of the male sex organs. The best way to get them to associate their arousal with you is to be the only person they notice, and being close to the source of the ultrasonic sounds while they are responding. Direct eye contact on your part especially if they initiate it may help, but do not stare for too long or you may come across as too threatening or intimidating. They are designed to produce a high sex drive and frequent thoughts of, and desire for, sex. Keeping them relaxed and engaged in light conversation with as few distractions as possible is usually very good. They can therefore be used as subliminal mind programming as long as your listener s understand English, although it will not work quite as quickly on those first language is not English. Fidgeting with the hands. Here are some tips on getting the most out of them.

Subliminal sex sounds

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  1. For these things to happen, the CD of choice must be used every day for at least an hour per day, without fail, until the results have finished manifesting.

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