Sheep sex organs

Milk contains fat, protein and milk sugar as well as vitamins and most minerals although it contains little iron. If the animal becomes pregnant the corpus luteum persists, but if there is no pregnancy it degenerates and a new ovarian cycle usually. The sperm loses its tail and the two nuclei fuse to form a zygote with the full set of paired chromosomes restored. Growth of the foetus takes place here. In cats the increasing day length after the winter solstice shortest day stimulates breeding. Copulation deposits several hundred million sperm in the vagina. When present they produce secretions that make up much of the volume of the semen, and transport and provide nutrients for the sperm.

Sheep sex organs

The length of the oestrous cycle varies from species to species. It also prepares the lining of the uterus to receive a fertilised egg. If no pregnancy occurs this thickened tissue is absorbed and the next cycle starts. In dogs and cats a blood test can be used to detect the hormone relaxin. Signs Of Oestrous Or Heat[ edit ] When on heat a bitch has a blood stained discharge from the vulva that changes a little later to a straw coloured one that attracts all the dogs in the neighbourhood. Artificial Insemination[ edit ] In many species the male can be artificially stimulated to ejaculate and the semen collected. First two cells are formed and then four, eight, sixteen, etc. Pregnancy Testing[ edit ] The easiest method of pregnancy detection is ultrasound which is noninvasive and very reliable Later in gestation pregnancy can be detected by taking x-rays. When the sperm are mature they accumulate in the collecting ducts and then pass to the epididymisbefore moving to the sperm duct or vas deferens. In rats the cycle only lasts 4—5 days and they are sexually receptive for about 14 hours. The prostate gland is important in dogs and humans. In animals that normally have only one baby at a time only one ovum will mature at once but in litter animals several will. The number of times an animal comes into season during the year varies, as does the number of oestrous cycles during each season. Once the ovum has been shed, a blood clot forms in the empty follicle. The developing foetus becomes surrounded by membranes. Ducklings and chicks are relatively well developed when they hatch and able to forage for their own food. During this journey the sperm undergo their final phase of maturation so they are ready to fertilise the ovum by the time they reach it in the upper fallopian tube. It stimulates the follicle to develop. Sperm[ edit ] Sperm are made up of three parts: In some animals e. They survive for between 20 days guinea pig to 60 days bull in the epididymis but once ejaculated into the female tract they only live from 12 to 48 hours. When semen is used for artificial insemination, storage under the right conditions can extend the life span of some species. This hormone also influences the development of the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone, a hormone that prepares the lining of the uterus for the fertilised ovum and readies the mammary glands for milk production. The foetus and placenta The foetus is attached to the placenta by the umbilical cord. The placenta, umbilical cord and foetal membranes known as the placenta protect and provide the developing foetus with nutrients and remove waste products. The fluid is now called semen and is ejaculated into the female system down the urethra that runs down the centre of the penis. Towards the end of pregnancy the placenta and ovaries secrete relaxin, a hormone that eases the joint between the two parts of the pelvis and helps dilate the cervix ready for birth.

Sheep sex organs

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