Sex after the superbowl

Prepaid VISA cards and multiple cellphones is also another key thing we look for. The hype around large sporting events and increases in trafficking for prostitution is often based on misinformation, poor data, and a tendency to sensationalise. Despite massive media attention, law enforcement measures and efforts by prostitution abolitionist groups, there is no empirical evidence that trafficking for prostitution increases around large sporting events. There is so much more work to be done. While prostitution may take place in Super Bowl host cities during the week of the Big Game, that vice exists in those locales at other times too, and data confirming the presence of thousands, tens of thousands, or maybe even one hundred thousand or more freshly-arrived ladies of the evening in the Super Bowl host city is lacking.

Sex after the superbowl

Never mind they thought I was making great money, paying my way through college. Every year legions of prostitutes flock to the city where the Super Bowl is being held. Or more cynically, a cheap attempt by some local politician using the Super Bowl media blitz to score points by standing up to the menace of sex work. More often than not, you have an at-risk youth who is a runaway, maybe truant, and they maybe get arrested for small things - shoplifting, survival-type things. They give the false impression that the problem is solved once the campaign is over -- and then the money and attention subside. If you'd like to learn more about how you can support us, click here. As a criminal investigator, he's carried out numerous sting operations across Minnesota over the years aimed at busting traffickers and also rescuing victims. Whether the game is in Dallas, Indianapolis or New Orleans, the pattern is the same: Numerous commentators covering this legend have observed that the spread of exaggerated numbers surrounding the Super Bowl and sex trafficking may end up hindering attempts to address real issues concerning the latter: The actual number of traffickers investigated or prosecuted hovers around zero. Never mind that the tricks the men that paid for sex thought I was enjoying myself. Some of the victims had been involved in international sex trafficking. They'll help them with employment, even transportation to try to get jobs. One female I encountered, she wanted to quit, and we really wanted to help her. There's a dark side to the Super Bowl. But even that, I've learned things through this. The youngest I have encountered, we had a Guatemalan girl that was brought to southern Minnesota, and she was 9 years old and going to be sold by her father. The commercial sex market grows modestly during Super Bowls, but also during other large events, from the Las Vegas consumer electronics show to Memorial Day weekend, said Lauren Martin, a trafficking expert at the University of Minnesota. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. And her sister had already been brought up here and sold. Was the Super Bowl my busiest weekend as a trafficked high-class escort? You would think so, since Vegas is a mecca for sports betting and conventions. We see that they're carrying large amounts of cash, or we're seeing hotel and motel keys. A lot of times, a trafficker will control the movements of an individual. Ultimately, spreading misinformation can end up undercutting efforts to bring awareness to the very real problem of sex trafficking and forced prostitution.

Sex after the superbowl

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