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A detriment in all domains: Most of her articles have also appeared in English. In each of these three modes of conceptualisation one can apprehend a "logic" articulating: It is a problematic of the fit between sex conceived as determined or to be determined and gender which must follow the bi-partition of sex. The main concept is "sex difference", the model: It is an economic and social system with a hierarchical bi-partition of functions, occupations and material statuses between two social groups, or to put it better, two social classes, that takes biological sex as its main criterion. This is "social sex-oppression" as opposed to "gender cultural games".

Rechercher sex

Here, homosexuality is conceived as a resistance to gender. Homosexuality as a way of life, and sexual sub-culture; in Western cultural lesbianism, a typical sentence has been: This is "social sex-oppression" as opposed to "gender cultural games". Homosexuality conceived as anti-natural, or natural in political trends , or random a typical sentence in the West would be: And among those under the influence of psychoanalysis, one speaks of "displacing the phallus" Cultural gender games versus social sex-oppression 15These symbolic or discursive elaborations are what I call "cultural gender games". Political movements are oriented towards the defence of minority rights as such. Many postmodernists are trying to go "beyond feminism". Certain Western male homosexual and radical feminist and political lesbian trends as attempts to abolish gender. The hierarchical bi-partition of gender is conceived as separate from the biological "reality" of sex, but grounded in the oppression of the class of the sex "women" by the class of the sex "men. A socio-logical connection is established between sex and gender: It is a problematic of the social complementarity of the sexes be it conceived as harmonious: A feminist uprising in Africa by peasant women against their men Kono society in Among the women's movements, we have a sort of anatomization of politics. She edited the anthology L'Arraisonnement des femmes. Nowadays one speaks of "transcending", "blurring", "troubling" gender, of transgendering, of "proliferation of gender", etc. The problem is either to reveal e. All these aspects can be well exemplified by Madonna's performances. Trois modes de conceptualisation du rapport entre sexe et genre", republished in It is a biological categorization which continues to function on the social, economic, material, and judicial levels. An homologic connection is established between sex and gender: As concerns the berdaches, it was often said that the male turned into social woman was better at feminine tasks than ordinary women, and rarely said that the female turned into social man was superior to men in masculine tasks. The method consisted in considering the commonalities between phenomena i. And now more and more studies and gender politics are concerned with phenomena called the "third sex" or the "third gender" which certain authors are attempting to theorize on the basis of their points of similarity. Because "gender" is not only symbolic.

Rechercher sex

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  1. In many societies, one type of logic prevails for the definition of men, and another for women. Notes 1 This brief statement is based on two previous articles:

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