Questions about the opposite sex

How many days should a guy wait after a first date to call about a second date if he is interested? You can pump away and reach some kind of nirvana esque experience as you feel yourself drain away into the other person through your boobmusclenipple. Why do guys always say quotes from movies? Why do men always seem to have the need to one-up other men? Why do you leave the toilet seat up? How does this differ from what they look for in a guy to date? Why does a guy assume that a girl likes them and wants to date them is she smiles or says hi in passing?

Questions about the opposite sex

This is called the vinegar burns and indicate that you are going to come. Do males hold open doors because they were taught to do so or because they think the women want them to do so, or because they honestly fee we females deserve that extra pampering? What is the number one quality a man would like a woman to have? Not have to sit down to pee? And then your dick starts waking up again and begins preparing for your next excursion. Why do they do this? The dick is on a one-way track to orgasmville, population million kids. In what ways do you show a man you love him? Do you consider women to be weak? Do you hate it when a girl beats you in a sport like basketball? Have kids Do you feel discriminated against often? Why is it as a majority that women never initiate romantic relationships? Why do girls give hints of what they want rather than being blunt; and how should we interpret these hints? When deciding on which girls to date is ethnic background or race a factor? Why can you never give sympathy to us? What do you really look for when dating a girl? Why do ladies play hard to get? Are guys deep thinkers or are they really shallow? But the vinegar burns tell you that the journey is almost over and your penis and yourself are very happy. Why do you leave the toilet seat up? Why are men so aggressive and like violent movies? What signs do guys give when they like someone? You can also ejaculate without orgasming, which is just a waste of time and effort. What do guys honestly think about women? Why are guys afraid of commitment? Why do women strive to have more and more rights when they already seem to be equal? Do guys feel pressure because they know they might have to provide for a family someday?

Questions about the opposite sex

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Questions We're Too Embarassed To Ask The Opposite Sex

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  1. Okay so now you are inside that person and it feels amazing, tight, wet, so warm and just all around great. Why do guys here at BYU-Idaho feel that all girls are marriage hungry so they are afraid to even be friends?

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