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Such comparisons are made based on the desire for shongshar17, which is idealized by women in Bangladeshi society. I would, however, argue that valorization of shongshar is not unique to the middle class only. The kinship norms of purity and honour based on which the public discourses are articulated made these women concerns for their family, community and the new nation [Bangladesh] Workers of all other kinds might be closely connected to their work. Furthermore, sex workers such as Jo Doezema argue that they do not wish to share parts of themselves with their clients. I would not have come here if I had somebody to provide for me. But I do have to.

Now bangla sex

I have been doing it repeatedly. Nobody gives you money when you ask for it … This is work…this is work and at the same time bad. Sex workers also point out that they have lost their honor by engaging in sex work. For Fahmida, sex work is disgusting and deprives her of the happiness of having her own shongshar. But sex work cannot exist outside the relations of commoditization. Abstract Feminist theorists have debated sex work. Rani is now in her 30s. Even though sex workers mentioned having intimate parteners whom they often refer to as husbands or pseudo husbands, this relationship is more about having the support of a man than having a shongshar which gives women completeness. A better understanding the sex worker perspective will contribute to the feminist literature from a South Asian perspective. The status, power, and standing of a sex worker depend on her mode of operation and connection with powerful people, such as political patrons and the police. In some narratives informants mentioned not being happy doing it. Rather she mentions being compelled by circumstances. I have to provide for my son. But it is the integral linkage between the sexuality and the sense of self that requires the sex worker to distance herself from the sexual use of her [body] for self-protection Pateman , Introduction Feminist theorists have debated whether the sale of sexual services1 should be regarded as work. The Bangladeshi Context Mila refers to the spiritual aspect associated with earning a living through the right path. They articulate their position on work from the point of view of survival. But I am compelled to take [clients] … I can only say that I feel disgusted when I do it. Honor izzat is the most valuable thing for a woman… We are showing that izzat to people. Our life is degraded. Now the situation is such that nor can I live, neither can I die. I have done all kinds of work. Disagreement is also evident in activism surrounding the issue. Informed consent was taken prior to the interviews. But I have to do this only to feed by stomach [meet my hunger]. In other words, sex workers need to work hard to earn money:

Now bangla sex

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