Mature lesbian anal sex

I felt the tip of her sweet tongue entering between my lips and then slowly filling my mouth to overflowing. I was happy that I had pleased Marsha, but I was also surprised at how much I liked it. It was dark as we left and began the walk to my hotel. I continued mouthing her clit and thrusting into her, causing her body to tremble all over and her pussy to spasm around my fingers. My husband loves when I feed him my breasts in this way, and now I know why. In between songs we struck up conversations with some of the other women that were dancing and found that many of them also worked together and were out after a company dinner same as we were. Marsha rode her orgasm with my tongue working her clit and my fingers deep inside as her body shook in passion and ecstasy. I knew then that I wanted to taste every corner and depth of her mouth, and this was the beginning. I was motionless with my lips relaxed and very slightly parted as she began to perform magic on my mouth, lightly sucking my mouth into hers, moving her lips, softly devouring my upper lip, my lower lip, my full mouth, until I responded in turn and our mouths were working together on each other, moving in unison while time froze and all our senses were concentrated on our joined mouths.

Mature lesbian anal sex

I held on to Marsha and kept sucking. She drew my tongue into her mouth and welcomed it with her own full thick tongue. Her eyes seemed to grow bigger as she approached while looking in my eyes and lightly placing her hands on my hips. I could feel her warm and soft breasts moving under my palms. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles and stuck out like pencil erasers. I kissed high up one thigh and then moved to the other side and began kissing back down. I love kissing, and my husband and I love to kiss while making love, while cuming, but this was a very different experience. We seemed to bond with these other partiers as we talked about work, being away from home, and just having a good time. I closed my eyes and moved my head forward. I lightly held her face with my hands and tilted her head as I moved mine opposite and we now hungrily mashed our lips together, our kiss growing in wetness as our mouths parted, allowing Marsha to fully accept my tongue into her sweet fresh tasting mouth. Marsha then began sliding down towards my mound and I felt her fingers trace patterns over my fluttering stomach, each time getting closer to my now throbbing pussy. I have never kissed anyone this way, anyone with a mouth like hers. With Marsha now wide open, I allowed my tongue to enter into her waiting pussy. The room filled with the loud sucking sound as the kiss continued and grew even more passionate by the second. Then I drank it down, sucking for more. I never knew how exciting it could be to please another woman with my mouth. I looked at Marsha, my eyes wide like a deer caught in the headlights and saw her smoldering eyes gaze back at me. I wear lots of skin tight workout wear while home and my husband says he loves to watch my long strong legs and tight ass, men! I lay back on her, the feel of her naked body causing me to tingle all over, and then picked up her flesh and buried my face in it, slurping her nipple into my mouth. When we arrived we noticed the bar was nicely appointed with dim lighting and good dance music, and although pretty packed, we managed to find a couple of tables in the back. I began to concentrate on licking her sweet clit as I eased 2 fingers into her. I licked my lips and brought the taste into my mouth. First my tongue caressed her inner lips and then up the center of her vulva. Her dark black body atop my whiteness must have been quite a sight. Kissing another woman was so different. Her head fell back and a guttural moan escaped her lips. After our first day of meetings concluded, we changed for dinner and our Christmas party.

Mature lesbian anal sex

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  1. She had high cheekbones, large almond shaped eyes, and with her thick hair I imagined she had some Asian ancestry, although she was as dark as the night.

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