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Barry closes the film, ending the visitors' tour by confirming to them that Josh passed the course, that Josh and Beth are still together, a happy couple still making videos, that Jacob eventually became a leader of a cult and tried to stage a mass suicide but only he ended up doing so, that Rubin became a successful marijuana cultivator, and lastly relates humorous facts about E. Kyle is a shy loner who lives in constant fear of his overly strict father, Earl Edwards, the rightful owner of their car. Yes, there are a few of those. So, they continue on foot and stop at a motel. But Earl shows up, furious over what happened with the car and the credit card and threatens to drag Kyle back home with him. Jacob walks in and informs Beth that he tricked Josh about the mid-term extension, and that he is about to fail Philosophy.

Home sex movie tags

It's safe to say most people will go into this film with that mind set and hopefully they'll remember that this film is an independent project with a lower budget. Josh now has 48 hours to get back to school or else he will fail his midterm and the course, and, possibly, be kicked out of college. When they reach Pennsylvania, taking a supposed "shortcut", they come upon a small collapsed bridge and are annoyed that they will waste 5 hours back tracking. Sometimes you see a movie and think "hmm that looks interesting. Josh and his friends head back to school and Josh arrives just in time to take his midterm — with a little, albeit illegal, help from Beth. Jacob also attends the party, and Beth, scared of Jacob, convinces Josh to outbid Jacob. Kyle finally summons the confidence to stand up to him and states that he is going back to school with his friends. So, they continue on foot and stop at a motel. Mitch bites Barry in the hand, causing a vicious struggle which ends with Mitch landing on Jacob, biting his neck, and making him lose consciousness. Meanwhile, Kyle's father, Earl, tries to pay for a meal with the maxed out card, but is denied service. Eventually, when Josh loses touch with Tiffany, Josh believes Tiffany might be seeing other people. Earl assaults him and confusion reigns in an all-out mini-riot in the dorm's lobby. Dialogue in most scenes feels so off it's difficult to listen to. Right off the back, it's important to know this script is all over the place. Tension does indeed build enough so that you're a part of the thrill ride. His friends play his tape but Josh discovers that Rubin accidentally mailed the sex tape to Tiffany, having confused it with Josh's blog tape for Tiffany. The next morning, Josh arrives in the room in a very jovial mood, confessing that he slept with Beth. On their way to Austin, the group goes through a series of misadventures, such as two of them making deposits at a sperm bank to raise needed funds; Rubin successfully lying his way into letting the group stay overnight at a fraternity house full of African-Americans at the University of Tennessee , where the members pull a prank on Kyle, which causes him to faint; and a wild visit with Barry's grandparents. Kyle objects but they proceed. He then begins an all-out search for Kyle when he is informed by the police that Kyle's car was found blown up and Kyle is missing. They quickly escape to Josh's room, and videotape their intercourse with Josh's blog recorder. However, it makes for a solid and thought-provoking ending to the film. Jacob answers the phone, impersonating the professor, and grants a fake extension. Josh then receives a voicemail from Tiffany saying that she didn't call him because her grandfather had died and she will be away from school until Monday. The rest feel out of place and make you ask "Wait Your average guy comes home on his anniversary to find his wife cheating on him and the rest of the film experience is to find out whether or not he kills them. After they talk, Josh and Tiffany agree to break up but remain friends.

Home sex movie tags

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  1. The premise itself is simple and a perfect set up for a thriller. However, it makes for a solid and thought-provoking ending to the film.

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