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Given all that, while a thinly sliced loaf of slowly proved real bread will elevate your beans on toast, it is not essential. The flavours and textures, particularly when using ludicrous pulses such as broad beans and chickpeas, invariably end up closer to an Italian bean stew. It may not sell the best beans , but Heinz shifts an incredible 1. You cannot hang around with beans on toast. But, frankly, when HtE wants beans on toast, it wants beans on toast.

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It does not require cooking from scratch. It does not require professional intervention. Particularly when, despite all the time and energy wasted on this task, no one — no overly earnest foodie, no pretentious chef — has ever created home-cooked beans that even closely mimic what we love about the factory version. If you finely grate it, it melts too quickly, leaving unedifying oily pools across your beans. HtE will countenance the addition of hard-fried chorizo or smoky bacon, perhaps with a judicious splash of mild tabasco or Worcestershire sauce. Unless you eat them cold from the can. Use far thicker, 4cm-deep doorsteps, as trendy brunch cafes tend to, and while that toast is visually pleasing, it is difficult to cut and move around your plate. People frying off garlic and onion and adding tomato puree, white wine and thyme to their baked beans are, again, creating a bean stew, and a really half-arsed one. It is almost like the common serving sizes, g, g, g, were all designed so that they never quite provide enough for one or two portions. There are many things you are incapable of making. You cannot hang around with beans on toast. It may not sell the best beans , but Heinz shifts an incredible 1. Who would serve the beans in a separate bowl, with a side-plate of toast? A decent supermarket loaf will do the job. There is something about the rusty, tannic nature, the metallic edge of a strong brew, which, uniquely, both rinses the palate effectively between mouthfuls and, at the same time, smoothly lies under the flavours of beans on toast in a way that, like a deep bass note or loft insulation, enhances and rounds-out its warm, comforting qualities. It is like waving a sponge around on the end of a stick. It has been perfected. There is no need to garnish it with chives or flat-leaf parsley. Likewise, you cannot just lob in chillies, curry powder or BBQ sauce and expect it to end well. So beans on toast, how do you eat yours? There are certain foods ketchup is another that industrial food manufacturing has refined with such relentless precision and popularised so vigorously, that they are hardwired into our collective consciousness as the definitive iteration of that food. You may think a little milk or grated cheese will enrich the beans as they cook, but the former creates too much sauce — your plate becomes waterlogged — and cooked-in cheese brings an oddly gluey texture to the beans. Anything beyond that, however, and you transform this into an entirely different meal. But surely there is a third way, a compromise solution that all right-thinking people use? Nutty, seeded granary-style breads or, even worse, overtly sour sourdough or rye breads wonderful in other contexts will bring all sorts of potentially clanging textures and flavours into play, in a dish whose very essence lies in its simplicity. Alamy Never let it be said that Birmingham does not cover all food bases. Where There are many dishes you would not make at home.

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  1. But surely there is a third way, a compromise solution that all right-thinking people use? With extra-thick toast that kind of surgical precision is impossible.

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