Education muslim perspective sex

The important pillar of Islam, Salah daily prayers is explained in detail in this invaluable book. Accord- ing to the participants, this standard applies to both male and female Muslims. Committing zinah [adultery] is a dreadful sin and is not easily forgiven. We focus on the following research questions. More specifically, Internet forums, which can be considered a type of focus group interview, were used to this end in the present study. It was generally agreed that adultery is not acceptable. The Imam and the two GGD employees were trained and thus qualified to provide information concerning sexuality and Islam. Research in the Netherlands has shown that Muslim girlsandwomenuptotheageof25havelittleexperi- ence with sexuality compared with their Christian and non-religious counterparts.

Education muslim perspective sex

As a consequence, the focus has shifted to a more indirect way of mobilizing Muslim adolescents for research by using the Internet. Huang and Akhtar [18] argue that immigration can lead to changes in the relative importance of sexual- ity in daily life, as well as views on homosexuality, mar- riage, and cross-cultural or cross-religious relationships. It aims to acquaint young Muslims with the knowledge of how to perform Salah. Muslim partici- pants argued that sex before marriage is haram a sin in Islam. The need for such health programs is further warranted due to the larger preva- lence of sexually transmitted infections STIs among non-Western immigrants compared with nationals [4,5]. Specifically, Internet research can be used to investigate otherwise hard-to-reach populations [26], such as Muslim adolescents [15]. BMC Public Health , These analyses were conducted for each topic separately as well as for all topics combined. In total, participants visited the forum and participated in the discussions that were used in this study. We did not seek ethical approval for this study because the Internet forums were publicly accessible. Female, the Netherlands, Muslim Although most Muslim participants indicated that they only wanted to marry another Muslim, the majority of the Muslim participants considered the ethnic back- ground of their future partner to be unimportant, as long as he or she was of the Islamic faith. For instance, it may lead to zinah. Second, how and to what extent do these views differ from the views of non-Muslim adolescents? The Imam and the two GGD employees were not involved in the forum discus- sion, but instead responded to questions posed on another section of the website. The Children's book of Salah explains the necessary details of the second basic duty of Islam-As-Salah. To analyze the data collected from the internet forum, the first author first coded all instances in the data con- cerning sexuality, and determined whether these instances were made by Muslim or non-Muslim partici- pants. In the fourth phase, we coded whether these instances were used as an argument for or against the topic in question e. Male, heterosexual, Muslim Non-Muslims considered homosexuality to be geneti- cally determined. Furthermore, homosexuals were not. Furthermore, non-Muslim participants argued that masturbation functions as a release of excess sexual tension and, as a consequence, may pre- vent adultery. Moreover, they claimed to guard their own virginity for the sake of these male Muslims who themselves did not bother to remain virgins. Muslim adolescents between the ages of 14 and 24 were the target audience. These frequencies represent all posts on the forum and were subsequently analyzed for his study. Instead, they believe that love and happiness are the pillars of a good relationship. Using data gathered from an Internet forum, the present study also adds to our insights about the applicability of Internet forum discussions to study attitudes and opinions concerning controversial issues like Islam and sexuality.

Education muslim perspective sex

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  1. Using data gathered from an Internet forum, the present study also adds to our insights about the applicability of Internet forum discussions to study attitudes and opinions concerning controversial issues like Islam and sexuality.

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