Dungeon sex clips

She urged governments to step up joint efforts to "break the whole criminal chain". Britain is attractive to the sex traffickers because immigration controls are seen as weak, and prices and demand for sexual services are high. The ceiling of another bar is riddled with holes from bullets fired by the traffickers and clients in alcohol-fuelled "celebrations". Many other women trapped in the bars and brothels - and increasingly private flats and houses - of western Macedonia, do not know if they will ever be free. Bird, of Morcom Close, St Austell, was jailed for five years and seven months. Wright, also of Dovedale Road, was jailed five years and seven months. The Mafia-like gangs who run the trafficking network have links to violent criminals, almost 1, miles away in Britain, who have muscled, threatened and shot their way to near-total domination of London's prostitution rings, according to Scotland Yard.

Dungeon sex clips

The films, compilations of the various raids, make for harrowing viewing. One reveals a dark, concrete corridor leading to a room containing mattresses, boxes and clothes. When they were found, the victims, some of whom had been "broken in" as prostitutes in other countries on the way to Macedonia, barely knew where they were. Coley, of Chapmans Way, St. He had been beaten with metal tubes from a vacuum cleaner and punched while in the dungeon. He was jailed for a consecutive sentence of eight years for a robbery and six months for a burglary. Plight of the cellar girls 27 Nov Instead, they have been forced into modern-day slavery in western Macedonia, locked in the dirty cellar and only summoned upstairs by their masters to perform sexual services for customers who are usually drunk and often violent. Posing as a businessman I gained access to a private club run by traffickers near the south-western city of Ohrid. She urged governments to step up joint efforts to "break the whole criminal chain". A good day for her, she said, was "if I had a client who was not drunk, violent or crazy". A Romanian, whose name has been withheld to protect her identity, says: A Sunday Telegraph investigation into human trafficking has recently exposed how women can be bought in Romania, a prime "country of origin" for trafficked women, and how many victims are beaten, raped and sold on to traffickers in countries including Britain, Greece, Italy, Germany and Spain. Police officers can be seen milling around one of the bars next to a stage for pole dancers. Most have not had time to change and are still in "costume", wearing short - or no - skirts and, in one case, bottomless trousers. Austell and left with his jaw broken. A film released by cops shows the room full of handcuffs, chains, sex toys -- with a Nazi coat hanging from the back of a door. Helga Konrad, the head of anti-trafficking at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe OSCE , which works with 55 governments, described the treatment of the women as "a horrendous crime and human rights violation". They had no idea what the future held but knew that it was beyond their control. In one clip, a group of dazed, frightened women is seen emerging from a cellar, stooping down to pass through a small, carefully disguised trapdoor at the top of the steps. Austell, was jailed for six years and five months. The "cellar girls" at least have a chance to recover. Away from the eyes of her suspicious controllers, Svetlana, a year-old trafficked by a "friend" with a promise of waitress work, told nervously of her misery. Wright, also of Dovedale Road, was jailed five years and seven months. Svetlana desperately missed her three-year-old daughter and her father, who had worked on the Chernobyl clean-up and was ill with cancer. He was stripped and tortured before being threatened with rape. But the latest disturbing results of our investigations reveal that women are being held in these shocking and degrading conditions in Macedonia, a transit country for women who will mostly be moved on to the West.

Dungeon sex clips

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