Dreams about having sex

Often these are about taking control of a work situation. For example, if you dream that your guy is being very dominant and taking you on a desk in the corner office , it suggests that having your guy in a position of power — making strong, confident decisions — turns you on, says Ian Wallace, a dream psychologist and author of The Complete A To Z Dictionary of Dreams: Or this dream might reveal you have exhibitionist tendencies. It may also indicate an inability to complete something else in waking life. With a female friend What it means: These are extremely common, where your sleeping mind replays sex sessions with your ex. To dream of having unprotected sex may be symbolizing your fear of getting pregnant.

Dreams about having sex

Exhibitionist sex Typically you find yourself putting on a sex show. To have sex with a stranger may symbolize a new you that is emerging due to changes you are going through. You may be treating yourself badly or neglecting your health in waking life. With a female friend What it means: These are wake-up calls to confront insecurities about yourself. Loan your guy one of your toys and let him work magic with both tongue and vibrator. Sleeping with your ex may be an indication that you are coming to terms with and accepting the end of the relationship; or that you have learned from the experience and you are incorporating what you learned into yourself. Instead it is usually an indication you are learning to love and accept yourself as you are, or you are merging or incorporating aspects of your dream partner into yourself. You get turned on showing off. Christine Lampard recently revealed that her hubby, Frank, has sex dreams about her sleeping with other men. While this scorching hot slumber-time topic seemed surprising, such nighttime naughtiness in dreams is fairly common. Be Your Own Dream Expert. It could mean that she needs to tune in and be more sensitive to the people she works with. So you might be bored in your sex life, too. Your sleeping mind gives you some control through having sex the way you want it. As with any dream symbol, what sex means to you in your dream will depend on your feelings about sex and your experience as a sexual being. Being submissive can be about letting go sexually, to be teased, even tormented. A standard missionary position may symbolize being bored or dissatisfied with your sex life, or your life in general. If you have these thoughts, try coaxing your partner to be more affectionate … and then more active in the bedroom! Sleeping next to your man while having subconscious nooky with someone else? Often these are about taking control of a work situation. Or puts you in a new scenario with them. Or this dream might reveal you have exhibitionist tendencies. If you are still in love with your ex, then dreams about having sex with your ex may be wish fulfillment. This article was originally published on www.

Dreams about having sex

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  1. With a female friend What it means: You may think of others which can help you determine what your sexual dreams mean to you.

  2. Having sex in public may be an indication that you may regret revealing too much of yourself to others.

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