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In some sports and in several cultures, coaches continue to support sexual abstinence before sports competition. Sexual satisfaction is directly associated to a higher level of quality of life, while prolonged abstinence can be associated to depression Vouyoukas, From the present review, only low powered studies of relatively poor scientific design have investigated the impact of sexual activity using specific tests to evaluate the effects on aerobic power and strength Boone and Gilmore, Only relevant scientific articles reporting outcomes of athletic performance after sexual activity were considered. Further, to identify as many potentially relevant manuscripts as possible, a gray literature search using Google Scholar was performed. Eligibility Criteria All manuscripts initially considered relevant by title and abstract were eligible for inclusion.

Competitive sex videos

Nevertheless, no controlled data are available about the possible role of masturbation or climax. There are possible negative effects from some possible concurrent wrong behaviors such as smoking or alcohol abuse. Eligibility Criteria All manuscripts initially considered relevant by title and abstract were eligible for inclusion. Sexual intercourse may have a negative impact on athletes' strength and muscular performance McGlone and Shrier, , estimated by the handgrip test. All the variables considered were not influenced by sexual intercourse, which did not decrease maximal exercise performance. Growing Points and Areas Timely for Developing Research At present, there has been little methodologically well-performed research on this topic. Results The initial search produced references: The relationship between sexual hormones and physical function has been on the contrary studied for both power and endurance performance Johnson, ; Hengevoss et al. Few authors studied the effects of sexual activity the night before a competition, and most coaches believe that it can have a negative influence on athletic results because of excess energy expenditure Ferraz and Costa, On the other hand, in major competitions such as the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, contraceptive devices are freely available, acknowledging that sexual activity is normally practiced by the athletes during the games. Some anecdotal reports support positive experiences in competitive athletes. These experiments also highlight inter-individual and inter-species differences: In general, there is a global positive impact of sex the night before competition on athlete's performance. The possible impact of sexual intercourse was evaluated in well-trained male amateur runners. A specific checklist and an ad-hoc algorithm with the screening questions were designed and pilot tested within a subset of studies before implementation. In some sports and in several cultures, coaches continue to support sexual abstinence before sports competition. The available investigations have not considered the possible role of confounding factors. The present evidence suggests that sexual activity the day before competition does not exert any negative impact on performance, even though high-quality, randomized controlled studies are urgently needed. A special investigation has reported the effects of sexual activity on maintaining well-being, with no evidence of a negative impact of sexual activity on sport performance Levin, The study reports some examples of investigations where testosterone blood levels were tested at different times following sexual intercourse. Even from the psychological point of view, the sports world leans toward abstinence, believing that sexual activity can impair sport performance Vouyoukas, These differences disappeared during the recovery phase of the afternoon stress test performed approximately 10 h after sexual intercourse Boone and Gilmore, The search strategy is detailed in Table 1. Despite the major differences found in the recovery phase, where higher values of HR were found 2 h after sexual intercourse, no significant differences were found in workload achieved and in mental concentration of the athletes. Other inclusion criteria concerned the design original primary articles of any type—case report, case series, observational study, randomized controlled trial, etc. They believe that ejaculation draws testosterone away from the body Krieger, , reducing aggression and muscle strength. Also, given the variety of sports, and their different metabolic and situational differences, generalization is not possible.

Competitive sex videos

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  1. However, the number of subjects investigated was small, and some other variables such as sleeping, nutrition habits and recreational activities need to be considered to be able to speculate accurately. Nevertheless, most studies in this field conclude that sexual expression may have a strong relationship with quality of life Sayfollahpour et al.

  2. After reading the full text, four studies were excluded, not being relevant to the subject at hand. There are no investigations about the effect of masturbation in this context.

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