Black stocking lady sex

More than just about any other item of apparel, they signify that a woman is to be regarded in a sexual way. Garter belts offer tremendous scope for frills and thrills. A woman showing her stocking tops is breaking a taboo. She is saying to her man: This is partially because stockings conceal all but the sexiest part of a woman, and partially due to specific male erotic conditioning. Unlike pantihose, they neither conceal any of a woman's charms, nor impede sexual activity.

Black stocking lady sex

There are some wonderfully colourful ones in fine lace. Stockings emphasise that a woman is not fully dressed, just as other underwear does. White also has a special appeal and silver looks just terrific. Stockings make a woman look more revealed than if she were simply naked. For the same reason they are more suitable for warm weather. She offers the delight of the forbidden peek. Part of the reason for Stay-ups or Stockings and Suspenders garnering this sort of attention was that the only time people would see them in media would be in either pornography print and motion picture or Men's Magazines like FHM, Maxim, GQ, and avante garde fashion magazines with editorials that explicitly implied a sexually charged nature. Where the stocking meets the thigh, the transition zone, can be sexy, too, particularly because it happens to be in a place that is usually clothed. Stockings are also less bother than pantihose when going to the toilet. Stockings are rendered more erotic by their association with prostitutes, pornography and pin-up girls. A little history of suspender belts and stockings. In fact, habitual nudity is positively anti-erotic, since it divorces nakedness from desire. As well as these important but impractical advantages over pantihose, stockings do have some practical virtues. If you ladder one stocking you still have the other one to use, so that two pairs of stockings will potentially last twice as long as two pairs of pantihose. A woman wearing stockings panders to male fantasies, especially if she is daring enough to give a glimpse of the tops. Good for a giggle is the wearing of different colours eg one red, one blue stocking with a dress that features both colours. Instead of being covered, her most sexual part is accentuated. Stockings and Suspenders fell by the wayside in the mid to late 70s with a resurgence in the s in the whole Wall Street Power Suit era. Then lycra showed up on the scene and slowly changed the industry. Stockings support the legs and help define musculature. This might not exactly explain why they're sexy to men, but it's a history of how things were, have been, and currently are. Thus a woman who wears them is defying convention and risks being thought of as a 'tart' - perish the thought! In the 60s there was a plethora of stockings in varying shapes, sizes, and designs. Stockings also conjure up old-fashioned classiness, are feminine and frilly, especially with a fancy garter belt, and make a woman's legs more shapely. I mean, we rarely see porn where one of the participants was wearing control-top hose with a giant cotton gusset in a sexy manner, unless it was kink.

Black stocking lady sex

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