Best sensual sex

While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. From his bum to the nape of his neck, crossing in the center of his back, vary your strokes from hard to barely there. You may be nervous about planning a sensual sex encounter with your man. But, slow moving and super sensual sex can make your man really appreciate you. Back off and then lean back in. I wish I could feel your mouth on me. Continue to make out with him. If he gets frisky, remind him that you are in charge and take that cue to rinse off and send him on ahead of you to lay on the bed belly down and tell him that you will be there in a minute. It may be new for you to be the party planner but never fear, with these sure fire tips, you will be an expert in no time.

Best sensual sex

Use your fingernails and ever so lightly, run them down the outside of his arms and then bring them back to repeat the motion up his back. Kiss, nibble and taste him. Finish by kissing the tip of his penis softly. I have a little plan for us tonight. I am also pretty positive that he will never turn you down when you tell him you want sex…fast or slow. If he gets frisky, remind him that you are in charge and take that cue to rinse off and send him on ahead of you to lay on the bed belly down and tell him that you will be there in a minute. Back off and then lean back in. Repeat 4 or 5 times. Vary the pressure and explore him with your mouth. Blow By Blow — Swirl your tongue around the tip and twist your hand around the base of his penis and enjoy his going wild under your touch. Click here to get it. Apply some massage oil to your hands and rub them together. Cosmopolitan magazine surveyed thousands of men and found that while most men do crave quickies, 65 percent want to play with and explore their woman for 45 minutes or longer. Begin by gently squeezing the muscles between his neck and his shoulders. On your way back down, lay your head on his lower belly so that your cheek is right next to his cock. When he steps in, have him turn around and after lathering up your hands, slather the foam on his back and slide your hands up on either side of his spine and just into his hairline. Smoothe some massage oil on his back and with both hands and fingers close together slowly slide your hands all the way down his back and then back up to the nape of his neck. If he gets dry, lick him again, like a popsicle, long and slow. Ask him if he wants you to go down on him or does he want to be inside you. The biggest challenge when it comes to introducing your man to sensual sex is to control the timing. Leave him a note on the front door and tell him to meet you there. Girl, you are going to have him begging for you to go down on him and believe me, you will be ready too. Continue to make out with him. Circle each nipple with kisses and then lick and suck a bit on him. If you two are music fans, you might want to create a playlist specially for the occasion. You might want to try a little sprinkle of baby powder between the sheets…. So do fresh sheets on the bed.

Best sensual sex

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