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Jumping back up, he took the money from Gibbs and continued down the stage trying to forget the look. Accepting everything and wanting more, Tony stayed on Gibbs' cock until it finally went completely soft. At the same time two shot glasses were set down in front of Gibbs and Fornell. Gibbs glared over at Fornell. For those that may not be aware of it, I have a Facebook page, come join us.

Amateur sex oh jimmy

He looked over and saw Gibbs smirking at him. One after another the dancers strutted their stuff, then Lady Godiva's voice filled the air. Jumping back up, he took the money from Gibbs and continued down the stage trying to forget the look. Gibbs nodded, his hands caressing over Tony's chest. His eyebrow went up and the smile turned to a grin. Jethro there is a Santa and he brought you your present early this year! Fornell glanced back and forth between the stage and Gibbs' face, watching for a reaction from Gibbs. Grabbing each shoulder of the shirt, it tore away and the shirt fell to the floor and Tony turned around showing his back muscles as he shook his ass. Looking up at the flashing sign, Gibbs shook his head. Then a spotlight hit the stage and a woman was standing there in a long sparkling red dress. Again, Lady Godiva's voice filled the room. The room exploded again as she danced and gyrated around the stage. Gibbs ran his hands through his hair still staring at the body of his Senior Field Agent. Fornell grinned at Palmer holding the five out to him. When the movement stopped, he opened his eyes stared up into those steely blue eyes he loved. Gibbs groaned as he stared at Tony's bare ass. His hands caressed up his chest and he grinned as his fingers locked on the buttons of his shirt. Fornell shook his head. The small table had two chairs facing the long runway- like stage. When he reached the door and saw the vision before him, his heart stopped, his cock immediately twitching with need again. Gibbs had always known there was a connection between them, the other knowing without words what was needed, wanted and Tony was proving that yet again. When he finally pulled back he stared down into the green eyes of the man he loved. His blond hair cut short on the sides, longer on top, deep blue eyes sparkling. You're not just going make this weird and just stare at him. That was how they ended up in this position, with Palmer on his back, his pants around his ankles, and Fornell's mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking him as if the world were coming to an end and this was the last change the two would ever get. Drawing back, Fornell's hand caressed Palmer's cheek.

Amateur sex oh jimmy

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Classic Opie & Anthony: Cosmo's "Wild Sex Questions" For Jimmy (01/15/08)

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  1. Without another thought he downed the shot. Slipping out the back door of the club, Tony looked around, put his head down, the duffle bag over his shoulder and headed towards his car.

  2. He grinned then grabbed the front of his shirt and ripped it open revealing his well-defined abs.

  3. If Gibbs didn't let off some steam soon the man was going to end up imploding or tearing something or someone apart with his bare hands.

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